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The stars of Castelrotto.

The stars of Kastelruth & Folk music stars & ski professionals.

It is due to the Kastelruth Spatzen, that Kastelruth is so well known. Norbert Rier and his band made Kastelruth traditional costumes, as well as the name of the town famous all over the world. Their success began in 1983 when the LP ‘Das Mädchen mit den erloschenen Augen‘ (The Girl with empty eyes‘) earned them Gold. In 1990, the band won the Grand Prix for Folk Music with their song ‘Tränen passen nicht zu Dir‘ (Tears Don’t Suit You). Today, the Kastelruth Spatzen has more than 100 golden LPs and is the most successful German-speaking band in the sphere of folk music. Oswald Sattler is also a citizen of our village. Originally, he was a member of the Kastelruth Spatzen, but he started a successful solo career in the early 90s. Alexander Rier is the third folk music star from Kastelruth. He followed his dad Norbert onto the road of success. The skiers Denise Karbon and Peter Fill who are also cousins, come from Kastelruth as well. Denise is junior world champion in Giant Slalom. She won two World Champion medals, six World Cup races, as well as the Giant Slalom World Cup. Peter Fill, one of Denise‘ cousins and nephew of Norbert Rier of the Kastelruth Spatzen, is particularly successful in the fast disciplines of downhill run and Super-G, as well as in combined races. In 2009, he became Vice World Champion in Super-G, and in 2011, he won Bronze in the super combination at the world championship in Garmisch.

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